Yoga Class – Kansas City Descriptions

All yoga classes are accessible to a healthy and willing beginner. Yin is the most gentle, followed the more challenging Hatha, with Vinyasa Flow being the most vigorous and challenging. Yoga classes all start with a seated warm-up, followed by more challenging sequences, and then a cool-down, ending with savasana (final rest). Students should bring a mat, towel, water, wear comfortable clothes, and have an open-minded approach to practice. Students are encouraged to be mindful of both their body’s potential and limitations and to modify accordingly. Lastly, Lauren encourages her students to have fun and create space in their hearts through devoted practice.

Vinyasa/Yoga Flow Class

This is a moderate to fast-paced yoga class geared toward students who have learned yoga fundamentals, but is accessible to a healthy beginner with an open attitude. Asanas (poses) are linked together with the breath and sequences are linked together by vinyasas. This yoga class is designed to build strength, especially in the shoulders and core, balance, stamina, and focus.

Cardio Flow Class

A fun, music-filled, heat-building class consisting of an intelligent warm-up, 45 minutes of non-stop flow, and a juicy cool-down. This class allows you to flow at your own pace, with very little verbal instruction. Break old patterns, let your practice evolve, and find a meditative state. With expert hands-on assistance, your practice will soar!

Hot Core Vinyasa Class

A heated yoga flow class that emphasizes core integration, detoxing twists, and strength building. The room is heated to 90 degrees fahrenheit, so bring water and a towel and expect to break a sweat. This is an all-levels class that is accessible to a healthy beginner and challenging enough for the experienced yogi.

Hot Box Detox Class

Advanced level class in a heated room combines sun salutations and classic poses that stimulate the lymphatic systems and helps clear out toxins.

Hatha Yoga Class

This yoga class is great for strong beginners as well as those who wish to deepen and refine their practice. Different than flow, students will work longer and more deeply with each asana (pose) for a focused practice designed to encourage intelligent exploration.

Yin Yoga Class/Hot Yin

This yoga class targets the connective tissue of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine. Yin postures are held for longer periods to allow connective tissue to stretch and open, which ultimately leads to increased flexibility. This practice is the perfect balance and counterpart to the more vigorous yoga classes. Simple floor exercises with an emphasis on breath work and meditation recharge the energetic system of the body while stilling the mind. During the colder months, it is a good idea to layer and wear socks in this class. Hot yin is heated to 90 degrees.

Sunrise Yoga/Sunrise Flow

Start your day right with meditation, pranayama, and a slow flow vinyasa sequence that includes sun salutations, energizing heart-openers,  juicy stretching, and just the right amount of Savasana. All experience-levels welcome.