The Vulnerability of Heart-Opening

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In my opinion, backbends are the scariest of yoga asanas. Not only are they physically challenging, but they require faith in oneself and a healthy dose of vulnerability. Through yoga we learn that the body, mind, and emotions are intrinsically linked… in fact, they are considered illusions that veil our true selves. For me, heart-opening effectively pierces my deep emotional and bliss layers, sometimes revealing my deepest fears, loves, and spiritual connections. This can result in messy tears, smiles, and overwhelming jubilation. That must be why they are so scary!

The other day, I was lost in my mind, deeply missing a dear teacher and friend. My heart ached and ached, as I knew it would be quite awhile before I’d see her again. I took a deep breath, meditated on the feeling, then felt a subtle but powerful shift. Suddenly, my focus shifted from loss to love. In a fearful moment of attachment, I was able to call forth pure love for this person. This brought about feelings of gratitude for the opportunity to experience love and deep connection. Suddenly, it wasn’t so painful and I knew that I can experience love without the powerful attachment that loss can bring.

Again, heart-opening (physical or emotional) can be scary. But when you take a breath, trust yourself, and find gratitude, it can reveal what’s truly in your heart: pure, unapologetic, always-present love. There is so much beauty in vulnerability, if only we allow ourselves to truly feel it, breathe with it, see past the illusion of pain, and allow the sparkling currency of love to flow through.


About the Author:

Lauren Leduc is a certified yoga teacher, reiki practitioner and is the founder of Karma Tribe Yoga and Pop-Up Yoga KC.
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