5 Ways to Get Back into Yoga for the Insanely Busy Person

Have you ever noticed that the times when you need self-care the most are the times when it’s most difficult to administer it? Imagine this (and it probably won’t be too difficult)… You have a stressful job, you go to school, you manage a household, you make sure there is food on the table and that all the bills are paid and that everyone around you is taken care of, all while juggling family, friendships, health, pets, plants and god knows what else. At the end of the day, binge-watching Netflix with a box of wine seems like your only salvation. Throw in the stress of moving, divorce, serious illness, and death. You feel pain in your body and your mind is firing at top speed just to keep up with your life. Your life can start to seem so very out of your control. Sound familiar?

When you lead the modern life of the insanely busy person, self-care, including yoga and meditation, might seem beyond your reach or even a frivolous use of your time. I am here to tell you that what you are going through is normal. I am also here to give you hope and encouragement. Here are 5 steps to get thee back into yoga.

1. Recognize that you DESERVE self-care.

You, yes you, are a person who deserves love, care, and attention, just like everyone else. Have you ever been treated with compassion and care by a parent, lover, or friend? Consider this… you can treat YOURSELF like that everyday. How radical of a change could that make in your life?

2. Set a date.

Go online right now, find a local yoga studio that vibes with you, pick a class that suits your current needs, and put it in your calendar. You don’t have to sign up for a month of unlimited classes or commit your life away. Set a short-term goal of going to ONE yoga class. Finances a problem? Find a local donation-based studio in your area or find a place that does work trade.

3. Get support.

Trust me, the people in your life who truly love you want you to be happy, healthy, and centered. In fact, taking care of YOU means you’ll be a more present lover/friend/parent. Everyone wins! Once you’ve committed to a class, be sure to ask for support from your loved ones, from getting childcare to just being a friendly presence and reminder of your goals. Recruit a buddy to come with you!

4. Go!

This can be the hardest step! When it’s time to go to class, it may seem like you have a pile of other obligations that are more urgent. They are not. Take a deep breath, clear some sacred space in your mind, and come back to step 1… You DESERVE self-care and you will be brighter, shinier, and happier for it. Most likely, you will NOT regret going to class instead of loading the dishwasher or taking one more phone call.

5. Set Goals.

Now that you’ve gone back to yoga, you’ve realized how much you’ve missed it! Use the first four steps to form a realistic plan to keep you in this happy place of self-care. It may not be realistic to commit to 7 days of yoga a week, but maybe 3 is attainable for your lifestyle and schedule. Recruit family and friends for support and to keep you motivated. Once you’ve set a goal, make that studio YOUR sacred space. Realize that whenever you enter it’s doors, it’s ok to let go and to just be. That feeling may just follow you out the door and bleed into other areas of your life. Most importantly, remember that your truly deserve this time and that it will help you embrace and appreciate all the beautiful, messy, and wild aspects of your life here on this Earth.



About the Author:

Lauren Leduc is a certified yoga teacher, reiki practitioner and is the founder of Karma Tribe Yoga and Pop-Up Yoga KC.
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